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"Our passion is to activate mechanisms of the soul
that are influenced by music.
The illusion through the process.
Relationships between action and reaction,
somehow to give a response on how art could express our inner world."

Group “Two care”

«Brainwashing live-action»
Frozen brain created by intestines is being washed with milk
symbolizing the “brainwashing” and redemption
we are looking at the children's innocence.

The process of brainwashing continues with the enclosed mind in a transparent secured box that both protects and squares it.
Before the last step of brainwashing, the process of "brainwashing" represents the mind into a "canned brain",
which depicts the conservation of society.
The last solution seems to be given by the heart when it "opens" to place the brain inside n order to save it!
But this seems really impossible due to the fact that the mind is spoiled, so heart breaks.

The action takes place in Agia Irene square, in Athens in 2015