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The zoom platform has been for one year and a half and continues, a solution for achieving communication on a professional, social, personal, political level in several parts of the world. The ZOOM in, is a version of everyday life during the pandemic period. The video project underlines the behavior of seventeen participants on how they manage an emergency situation when a person in the midst of the video conference begins to vomit. The noisy reactions of the others, the questions, the comments, seem not to correspond to the need that the person has for support. The roles are essentially reversed. A person in a manifestly weak position is subjected to the requirement to provide information and even to apologize for it. Such behaviors, invested with textures of care and worries, reach the limits of the emotional violence we are experiencing, not only during the pandemic but in the context of the usual patronage practices -an element of patriarchy- through which control is exercised over our bodies.