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"Kara the death project"
digital and non paintings, moving images, videos.

"Kara the Death" is a collective project to support the people in Moria 2 aka Kara Tepe.
The reason to initiate the project was the following post from the activist and poetess Parwana Amiri:
"According to a new declaration in hellish Moria2. no photos or videos are allowed to be recorded in, terms of such case, the phones will be broken.
The weather is freezing and there is no electricity or heating system.
Sweet dreams world, while thousands are in cold."

The repression and violence
by the police in the camp, does not allow
people to report the miserable condition
on the island of Lesvos.
They are not allowed to take pictures,
so, to report the fact that they are illegally
imprisoned in the hell of Kara Tepe,
they are treated inhumanely
and exposed to inclement weather conditions.
Beyond the above, they are in a high risk of exposure
from lead poison.

By creating this step for the people to express and then create the pictures of their daily life we wanted to create a kind of documentation in order to report the situation.

“Kara the Death” project lasted one month
and was a daily report about the people who had to flee from their homelands (because of war, famine, gender-based, political or religious persecution - or in short because of neocolonial capitalism..., as Yann Dohner wrote) and are now incarcerated in this concentration camp to share their stories in order to paint what they witness.
Greece 2021